The History Conference: Music

This year’s History Conference, led by History Teacher Jacob Friedman, began with students voting to select a word about which to write a paper. Thirty students spanning Global History 1 and US History 2 classes voted for music

The History Conference took place towards the end of the semester-long process of writing the research paper. Modeled after an academic conference, it gave students the opportunity to discuss their research and their paper with a broad mix of  other students, and not just their direct classmates.  

Over two periods, six panel discussions moderated by student volunteers occurred in two rooms. Students presented their papers, shared their research and the challenges they faced in conducting it, and brainstormed ideas.

The keynote speakers discussed their research: 

  • Was Elvis Presley really the king of rock? 

  • The relationship between Woodstock and the Vietnam War

  • Whether Baroque music truly reflected the society in which it was created

  • Potential similarities between Gregorian chants and Black spirituals from the 1800s 

The History Conference informs the final stages of writing these papers at the end of the semester, influenced by the discussions they had and the feedback they received. 

Caitlin Terry